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Paying Your Subscription Fee & Scores Payment

We ask for £70 per term to cover a subscription fee and the cost of your score (£55 subscription fee; £15 for the score). If you are unable to afford this, we can agree another amount. Please speak to us on front desk at rehearsal or email us using the contact form on the right.

Ways To Pay

  • Online via membership mojo if you can do it this way, it’s our preferred option.
  • Cash or cheque: Please make cheques payable to ‘Vox Holloway’.
  • Credit/debit card: You can now pay by credit or debit card on front desk at rehearsal. We ask that you pay the full amount, rather than instalments.
  • Bank transfer/internet banking:*

Account name: N7 Community Choir
Sort code: 30 96 64
Account number: 32867868

* Please could you include your name as the payment reference e.g. POLLY BARKER. We ask that you pay the full amount, rather than instalments.

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Business Notes


AGM/EGM Minutes

5 Responses to MEMBERS

  1. Fay M. Clark says:

    Hi I like the look of the above and I am hope at the end that will be me.!!!!

  2. Isobel Mitchell says:

    Eek – the files are too big for my slow lap top to download – any ideas?! I can’t believe we have to learn all by heart except Lazurus by Monday!

  3. voxholloway says:

    sorry i didn’t see this Isobel. if you need them next time, ask Harvey for CD. franky (who now knows the orange blip means incoming message!!)

  4. Fay M. Clark says:

    From Fay, Wow my favourite music. As a young girl growing up in Guyana formerly (British Guiana) we learned various types of music to fulfil the school curriculum English Folk Music, Religious , and ones like Jesu joy of man’s desiring amongst others.
    My teacher who was also the music teacher for the school, was determined we would know some African History, Taught us Spirituals and African History. These beautiful melodies remain with me today.
    There is a very old tune which I have never heard sung as an adult. The name, Listen to de Lambs all a crying.
    Fay Clark —

  5. Joanna Sholem says:

    Just listened to and tried to sing the part we began learning last week. Looking forward to rehearsal with you all

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