About Vox

Vox Holloway is a community choir based at St Luke’s Church, West Holloway, London. We are an open and friendly choir with no audition process.

We have limited spaces left for Sopranos and Altos, due to the fact that the stage area is full. Sopranos and Altos wishing to join should apply here with a short email saying why you would like to join Vox. There is still space for some Tenors and Basses. Details of our membership policy are here.

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The Sao Paulo Tapes – in pictures

Songs of resistance and hope … Harvey Brough and Monica Vasconcelos

Te Te Te-te-e-te … Monica calls to the choir

And the choir responds … Te Te Te-te-e-te

Ilê Ayê … A star is born, and his name is James Tuitt-Adeji

Make way for the party … food and friendship in the interval

Sweet and low … Vox chamber choir serenades the audience

Aos Nosso Filhos … remembering Brazil’s lost children

It’s all going fine, everything’s great … Monica and the band

Who is that woman there, always singing that refrain…

The masters of ceremonies and seas take their bow

This is visual record of Vox Holloway’s performance of The Sao Paulo Tapes at St Luke’s, Holloway, on Sunday 30 June, 2019 – an evening of Bossa nova and Brazilian songs of resistance. With thanks to Harvey Brough, Monica Vasconcelos and her  band: Steve Lodder, Ife Tolentino, Andrés Lafone and Marius Rodriguez. Also to our photographer Nick Rutter.

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Freedom Song – in pictures

Harvey works his magic

Oh, we’re a gonna sing (without scores)

Gladstone meets George White: Sam West and Justin Butcher

Get on board, children: the Riverside Singers (Riverside School, Barking)

Ella Sheppard takes charge: Emily Dankworth gives us a D

Roll Jordan Roll: our guest singers from Hackney Community Choir

Though they sing like nightingales … Christina Gill and Wills Morgan

When we get to heaven … Michael Henry will be singing this song

The view from the gods: this is what we call singing to the rafters

And still we rise …

Freedom Song – When Gospel Came to the Empire, by Harvey Brough and Justin Butcher, was performed at the Hackney Empire on Sunday 24 March, 2019. Photographs by Nick Rutter.

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Sergeant Pepper singalong – in pictures

Let us introduce to you. The one and only Harvey Brough…

Mmm, we get high with a little help from our friends (p.s we’re altos)

He’s leaving home … (Oh no he isn’t. James Murray is back in charge)

Going in and out of style, but guaranteed to raise a smile

Sit back and let the evening go?  (Not if Polly has anything to do with it)

Getting better all the time  (the one and only Young Vox)

The singer’s going to sing a song  (guest soloist Jeremy Taylor)

And he wants you all to sing along  (our talented audience)

So let us introduce to you  (our brilliant musicians)

Their production was second to none (but where’s Henry the Horse?)

We hope you have enjoyed the show …

We’re sorry but it’s time to go …


If your answer to any of the above is Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! be sure to join us for Freedom Song at the Hackney Empire on Sunday March 24 – our biggest production yet!

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

This is visual record of our Sergeant Pepper singalong at St Luke’s, Holloway, on 3 February 2019. With thanks to Harvey Brough, David le Page, Jeremy Taylor, James Murray, and our photographer Tom Piper.  Not to mention the Beatles, and many, many inspirational others.


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Banish the winter blues with our Sergeant Pepper singalong

‘What would you think if I sang out of tune?’   We’d invite you to join our SERGEANT PEPPER SINGALONG

Everyone is welcome to join us for a rare opportunity to sing of  some of the most famous songs in pop history from the Beatles’ classic album, released 51 years ago this May.

We will be singing arrangements made specially for us by David le Page and Harvey Brough. You will get an afternoon’s expert coaching from Harvey, a  chance to sing alongside the celebrated Vox Holloway, with a professional band led by David, and soloist Jeremy (Wallbanger) Taylor.

Tickets include free tea and cakes, and a discount for our next blockbuster, Freedom Song.

So join us at St Luke’s, Holloway, on 3 February. Rehearsals start at 3.30pm, for a concert at 7pm. There will be a special prize for the grooviest 1967 costume.

Buy your tickets here.

Oh, you’ll get by with a little help from your friends
mm, you’ll get high with a little help from your friends
come along and try with a little help from your friends

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Freedom Song – when Gospel came to the Empire

In 1871 a group of singers from Nashville, Tennessee, took to the road, arriving in London with a music that had never before been heard in public. But this was no ordinary choir. The Fisk Jubilee Singers were students who had been born into slavery in the US. Their mission was not only to build the first black  university after emancipation but to fight for the right of all African Americans to be educated.

During their visit they, astonishingly, serenaded Queen Victoria herself and toured concert halls and cathedrals with their plantation spirituals – songs such as Steal Away and Swing Low Sweet Chariot, which were forged in the crucible of slavery and have gone on to become anthems of freedom and equality.

A century and a half later, Vox Holloway is teaming up with the Hackney Empire choir to tell the Singers’ inspiring story. Working from diaries, historical records and the choir’s own songbook, composer Harvey Brough and librettist Justin Butcher have reconstructed their struggle to win through racial abuse and physical hardship to international acclaim.

In Freedom Song, we will be joined by a professional band and soloists on a musical journey which celebrates the power of music to overcome oppression and bring people from all backgrounds together.

The Jubilee Singers are to appear in London, & I am requested to say in their behalf what I know about them — & I most cheerfully do it. … I heard them sing once, & I would walk seven miles to hear them sing again. …  they reproduce the true melody of the plantations, & are the only persons I ever heard accomplish this on the public platform – Mark Twain, 1873 

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