Sergeant Pepper singalong – in pictures

Let us introduce to you. The one and only Harvey Brough…

Mmm, we get high with a little help from our friends (p.s we’re altos)

He’s leaving home … (Oh no he isn’t. James Murray is back in charge)

Going in and out of style, but guaranteed to raise a smile

Sit back and let the evening go?  (Not if Polly has anything to do with it)

Getting better all the time  (the one and only Young Vox)

The singer’s going to sing a song  (guest soloist Jeremy Taylor)

And he wants you all to sing along  (our talented audience)

So let us introduce to you  (our brilliant musicians)

Their production was second to none (but where’s Henry the Horse?)

We hope you have enjoyed the show …

We’re sorry but it’s time to go …


If your answer to any of the above is Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! be sure to join us for Freedom Song at the Hackney Empire on Sunday March 24 – our biggest production yet!

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

This is visual record of our Sergeant Pepper singalong at St Luke’s, Holloway, on 3 February 2019. With thanks to Harvey Brough, David le Page, Jeremy Taylor, James Murray, and our photographer Tom Piper.  Not to mention the Beatles, and many, many inspirational others.


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