When Harvey met Johnny …

At some point in the 1980s (he can’t remember exactly when), our very own Harvey Brough and the Wallbangers supported the great Johnny Cash at the Cork Jazz festival – and here’s the proof.

This priceless picture (with Harvey too cool for school on the left) only came to light thanks to some determined sleuthing by Clara Sanabras through the Brough archives.

Several Cash classics, rearranged by Harvey and sung by an all-star line-up led by Clara and Christina Gill, will feature in the line-up for Everything Must Change – the latest online concert from Virtual Vox, which has been keeping community singing alive through the pandemic.

Well-loved numbers from Nina Simone, Kurt Weill and Rodgers and Hart will also feature in a line-up designed to capture the anger, grief and frustration, but also the hope of our embattled time.

Join us on Vox Holloway’s YouTube channel at 7.30pm on Friday March 26, or at any time you like in the following week. The concert is free, but all donations will go to our community of brilliant singers and musicians, many of whom were last with us for our Hackney Empire hit, Freedom Song.

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