Summer Term Requiem in Blue

We will be rehearsing and performing Requiem in Blue, written by Harvey in memory of his brother. Some of you will know this piece, it’s a profound and joyously uplifting work about love and remembrance, which feels celebratory and wholly appropriate as we emerge from these difficult times.

The piece reminds us that many have suffered great loss or difficulty during the last 14 months and that we must live our lives to the full to honour that knowledge.

The last movement is a setting of words from Spoonface Steinberg by Lee Hall (writer of Billy Elliot)
And the old people long time ago they saw the sparks – and people met and the sparks jumped right up into the air from the place where they were hiding and they leaped up through the firmament and through the clouds and past the sun and they shone over the whole universe – and when people kissed there were sparks and when people held each other there were sparks and when they waved as they were going away there were sparks – and they would all be prayers.
THE WHOLE PROJECT WILL BE ACCESSIBLE ONLINE – we will hold 6 weekly rehearsals from Tuesday June 8th at 7 pm with a Zoom meeting afterwards at 8 15 pm. Then a concert on Sunday 18th July.

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We are the community choir of Holloway, London.
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