The Sun Does Shine – a new oratorio

The Sun Does Shine

Vox Holloway presents a new oratorio based on the inspiring true story of Anthony Ray Hinton, an innocent man who spent 30 years on Death Row

Music by Harvey Brough, lyrics by Justin Butcher

Sunday 27 February at 7pm, St Luke’s Church, Holloway. Click here for tickets

At the age of 28, Anthony Ray Hinton was wrongly convicted of multiple murders and sentenced to death by an Alabama court. He spent the next three decades yards away from ‘Big Mama’ – the electric chair – fighting to prove his innocence, before finally being released in 2015. 

His remarkable story shows how love, compassion and a sense of humour can carry the human spirit through unimaginable hardship. He did not leave prison broken and embittered, but emerged with a capacity to forgive and to embrace life, and a determination to fight on for others betrayed by criminal justice system. 

It’s a story with urgent relevance to us in the UK today. It confronts racism and the inbuilt injustices that keep prisoners locked up for years, while making a powerful case for the possibility of redemption, and celebrating the power of courage and hope.

World class soloists Wills Morgan, Christina Gill, Michael Henry and Clara Sanabras join Vox Holloway, under the direction of Harvey Brough

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