Covid rules

Vox Holloway and Covid: Rules for attending real rehearsals at St Luke’s

Our Covid rehearsals will be one-hour only with no break.

We have taken guidance from Making Music in creating these rules.

The latest information from Making Music can be found here…

Our full risk assessment for real rehearsals at St Luke’s is available – please ask if you want to see it.


Face masks must be worn for the entire rehearsal – including when singing

No mingling allowed – 2-metre distance at all times

If possible, please bring your own anti-bac wipes for your chair, and hand-sanitiser.

If possible, please print/bring your own music

Please bring your own water/drink. We won’t be using the kitchen at St Luke’s

Before attending a rehearsal, you must confirm in writing that it is safe for you to do so.


Before attending a rehearsal, you must reply to the email you will be sent – confirming that it is safe for you to be at the rehearsal.

Please consider how you will get to/from rehearsals and choose the most Covid-safe form of transport you have available: Walking/cycling/your own car are all safer than public transport.

Please use hand-sanitiser on arrival – ideally your own. We will have some available if you forget.

Please maintain a 2-metre distance from others at all times – including outside.

NO mingling/hugging/ hand-shaking etc – including outside

Face masks must be worn properly (covering nose and mouth) at all times – including when singing. It is possible to buy larger face masks specially designed for singing. Vox is not recommending any particular brand. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN MASK – WE WON’T HAVE ANY.

You will be taking a chair from stacks at the side of the room – and will be guided on where to position it – 2-metres from all other chairs.

Please clean your chair with an anti-bac wipe before and after use. Please bring your own anti-bac wipes if possible.

Please keep your stuff under/on your chair

Please try and avoid touching shared surfaces such as doors.

Please do not wander about the building. Please do not use the kitchen. Please only use the loo if necessary.

Please check and make sure you take all your stuff home with you at the end – including any rubbish.

If you become ill in the days after a rehearsal – please let us know.

Dec 4, 2020