Like Vox? Like Chat? This is for you!

We’ve really been enjoying the chance to socialise together via Zoom but felt a way of ‘talking to each other’ outside of virtual tea breaks might be great. 

So, Joanna (in the altos) has set up a group on Facebook linked to the Vox Holloway page that already exists. It’ll be a place to chat and to get to know each other better, and to hopefully alleviate a little bit of lockdown loneliness. There’s a place to add your garden photos, there’s a place to share your memories of Vox Holloway over the years and that’s just the beginning.

We’ve been road testing it a little over the past few days, but now it’s time for all of Virtual Vox to chime in to the conversations.

If you’d like to join or to preview the group to get a flavour for what it’s all about just like and follow the main Vox page and drop us a line by email to request Joanna and the other admins to ‘add’ you. 

Here is a link to the Vox Holloway page. Please click on ‘like’ and ‘follow’

Then, send a message to the main Vox e-mail address saying you’d like to be part of Vox Holloway Chat and the admins will get you sorted out. 

Hoping to make it nice and straightforward, but know these things can be finickity, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll work through any hiccups.

Here are some screenshots of what you’ll see.

Here is what the Vox Holloway page looks like

The group itself is for the time being not just private, but hidden, meaning that one has to be invited to join, but hidden so that you won’t see it in searches unless invited. It seemed sensible to start in a way that’s quite secure. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to include as many of the Vox family both nuclear and extended as possible. Do spread the word about the chat group to prior members of Vox, supporters of the choir etc encouraging them to like and follow as above…  

And here’s what you’ll see once invited to the group

Here’s a little sample of Fri through Sun on Vox Holloway Chat

Really excited to see you all over on Facebook and to hear what think!