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A refreshment note…

We’ve noticed that recently a number of people who have volunteered or considered helping out with the refreshments at break-time have asked questions such as, ‘What do you have to do?’, ‘How long does it take?’, ‘What time do I have to be there?’, ‘Where’s everything kept…?’ and so on. We thought it might be helpful, particularly for new members, to say something about Vox H refreshments and direct you to information telling you what , volunteering or signing up for the rota involves. Here are the links for general information and refreshment task guidelines.

The refreshments at Vox are organised and carried out by Vox choir members. This means that we can offer teas or fresh coffee and biscuits for the suggested donation of £1.00. There is also decent wine/beer and crisps/nibbles available for the suggested donation of £2.00. All donations go back into VoxH running costs.

There are three main tasks. We need volunteers to help with preparing the kitchen, ‘set-up’,serving’ hot drinks etc., or ‘clearing up’ at the end of rehearsal. Three volunteers are needed for each task so nine volunteers are required each week. This sounds a lot but we are a big choir and having three volunteers for each task means you are likely to spend no more than around 20 minutes on any task and no single person is left with too much to do. This way, volunteering shouldn’t take up too much of your rehearsal time.

We realise that not everyone, for a variety of reasons (such as getting to rehearsal a bit earlier, long journey home, health/mobility issues etc.) is able to volunteer, this is fine. Overall, to cover all rehearsals we need as many people as possible to volunteer over the term by putting their name on the rota around twice a term. It’s helpful if you can put your name down in advance so we can see that all rehearsals are covered.

There are hard copies of Refreshment guidelines, ‘Set-up’, ‘Serve’, ‘Clear up’ kept in the Vox H Kitchen Box. This box is kept in the second cupboard from the end (window end) in The Green Room upstairs. If you are not able to carry the box there’s always someone who can help when asked.

Thanks for your help. Any questions feel free to ask Jan L.

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We are the community choir of Holloway, London.
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